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Astrology Calculator 1.0 - Road to true happiness, a free project aim to lower divorce rate and solve people problems in general.
Ever wondered if you are dating or married to a compatible person? This calculator will give you the answer!
Although this calculator is useful for couples since couples will spend the most time together in a life time, it can also be used for friends and family members (ex: parents, kids).

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Disclaimer: Please keep in mind that a higher compatibility score does not guarantee a sucessful relationship. The higher score means that there's less conflict between the personalities of the people. Would you rather go all in with AK suited or 23 off suit? That's what the score mean.
The formula used in this calculator was more than 5 years of research and proven to be extremely accurate by many people. If you have any doubts in the accuracy of this calculator, use it to compare you with the people you know best for more than 10 years: Your parents!
There are many other usage for Astrology Calculator, the list can go on forever but here's a few examples:
If you are thinking about having a baby, you can time a compatible birth date for your kid, the result: A peaceful and happy family. Being a child with the dad score 0% and mom score 25% is not a pretty thing in the family. Trust me, because I am one of those kid ^_^;
If you are a business owner looking to hire employees for your company, you can see which one score the highest in Astrology Calculator, the result is: A peaceful work environment.
If you are making a movie, you can choose the actor best suited for the role base on his/her personality, so they can be who they are with less pretending involved during the movie, the result is: A more natural and realistic movie.
Why is it so important to date/marry someone compatible?
Because people can only pretend to be nice for short amount of time, a week, a month, a year?
If you are compatible with someone, you will find their personality a turn on and desirable.
If you are not compatible someone, you will find their personality a turn off and intolerable.
Do you want to find that out the hard way, waste your time and go through multiple break ups and divorce?
If the answer is no, then you should use Astrology Calculator to calculate before you attempt to date/marry anyone.
No one is perfect, everyone has faults, but the ones who are compatible with you will see your faults as merits.
That's what matters, to be liked and loved for who you really are without pretending, that's the power of Astrology.

Credits: PHP Script by David Lee, CSS and Formula by Tom You
Please contact me on Facebook for feedback and bug report: Tom You